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Achieve global reach via Global Distribution Systems (GDS)!


In order to reach a broad base of travel agencies worldwide, the GDS terminals of Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan and Galileo are an essential source of hotel bookings, apart from airline and rental car business. Not only traditional travel agents, but also online travel agencies make use of GDS technology to book both business and leisure travel.

myfidelio.net works with a dedicated interface to the Pegasus Ultra Switch linking to all four major GDS. Through this interface, hotels are linked to more than 500,000 travel agency terminals worldwide. In addition, more than 100 internet portals connected through Pegasus will extend the booking opportunities over the GDS to travelers and travel agents.

The myfidelio.net generic GDS code is IQ. This code was created to offer a sales opportunity to independent hotels and small hotel groups for representation in all 4 major GDS.

In addition, myfidelio.net maintains private label GDS codes which allow our chains to gain unique market recognition and marketing opportunities.

As a standard, myfidelio.net offers GDS connectivity in the highest technology level available on the market, using “Next Generation Seamless” and “Total Pricing”. Both features enable hotels to communicate in real time and with the highest level of transparency with the travel agent. The latest functionality such as "Multiroom shopper" is an additional feature we support.