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An e-commerce solution that is integrated with your front-office system!



All Oracle Hospitality front office solutions can be integrated with myfidelio.net. The unique myfidelio connector assists you to control your rates and to receive reservations from only one system: Your property management system (PMS). This two-way functionality of data upload and download will enable you to take full control of your distribution directly from any of the Oracle Hospitality PMS products. This includes Opera PMS (stand alone, multi property and express version), OPERA Central Reservation System and all Oracle Hospitality legacy PMS products (version 6 and 7) as well as Suite 8:

The data download to your PMS includes: reservations, profiles (as part of the reservation), allotments, rates (new rates and updated rates), and restrictions.

The data upload to myfidelio.net consists of: allotments, rates (new rates and updated rates), restrictions, availability (inventory messages), and status messages (from the PMS on reception of data from myfidelio.net).