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myfidelio.net is a business unit of Oracle Hospitality Ireland Ltd, which is a subsidiary of MICROS Systems Inc.

MICROS Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRS), headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, is the world's leading developer of enterprise applications serving the hospitality and specialty retail industries. This global network consists of over 4,700 employees, more than 45 wholly or majority-owned subsidiaries and branch offices in major markets, and 90 distributors in 50 countries.

MICROS is the only full systems solutions provider for all market segments with a global distribution and service network in place for major chains, regional chains, local independents, table service, and the quick service market.

MICROS provides a scalable solution to manage both independent hotels as well as the very large and very complex operational requirements associated with hotels, casinos, airports, theme parks, stadiums and cruise lines.

MICROS is the global leader in the restaurant industry with more than 310,000 installations worldwide.

MICROS provides restaurant information systems comprising hardware and software for point-of-sale (POS) and operational applications, as well as a suite of back office applications that include inventory, labor and financial management, and other centrally hosted enterprise applications for large enterprises.

FIDELIO Software GmbH was founded in 1987, offering software systems and specializing in the development of Property Management Systems.

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